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By guest, Sep 22 2015 02:50PM

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Oct 17 2015 11:34PM by Shauna

We are so thankful that we were referred to Ryno. He provided us with quick, knowledgeable plumbing work at fair prices.
For any future plumbing/heating issues that should arise, we will be going to Ryno.

Nov 30 2015 08:50PM by Jim

Came home from Thanksgiving vacation and found my high efficiency boiler was not working. Ryno isolated the problem to be the blower motor. He got a new one and replaced it very quickly. Was back on the air in no time. He knows his stuff and is very professional. Would recommend him in a heart beat.

Dec 8 2015 11:29PM by Doug Hyde

Advanced Energy Solutions installed our propane boiler and heating system at our house in Grand Isle in 2010. It has worked economically and reliably since then. Two minor problems arose shortly after the installation, and Ryno fixed them quickly and without fuss . He has inspected and tested our system annually each fall and made minor adjustments that he thought necessary. Reno has always responded swiftly and professionally whenever we call him, and his expertise and deep experience are both obvious and reassuring. I recommend him without reservation, and it is a pleasure to be able to say so here.

Mar 7 2016 05:08PM by Mike in Shelburne

Ryno and Advanced Energy Solutions have earned my respect and highest recommendation. After multiple visits, hundreds of dollars spent, and no fix with one of Ryno's competitors, I was referred to Ryno, who immediately visited the house and isolated and fixed the problem at a fraction of the cost I had already paid the other company. In fact, while the other company had suggested that I would need new, expensive equipment, Ryno said new equipment would not be necessary, saving me thousands. Ryno was diplomatic in his explanation of how his competitors' diagnosis was wrong and how their focus was misplaced, being careful not to speak poorly of another business. He stuck to the facts. Ryno is a true professional; he's very quick to respond to texts, emails, calls and does top-quality work. You know when you find "that person" whom you know you can count on? Well, Ryno is "that person." Contact him when you need help and you'll be glad you did. Thank you, Ryno!

Jan 5 2018 05:23PM by Paul Sisson

I had Reno install a Bosch high efficiency unit five years ago. Today, probably due to high water pressure in the City's water supply, a clamp came undone and water started spraying everywhere. Fortunately, Reno installed a catch basin to protect against that, because my furnace is upstairs in my condo. Anyway, I got the water supply off and called Reno at about 11 am on the coldest day of the year (so far), and he was here within an hour. That is amazingly good service in my opinion. I'm back in business heat-wise in less than three hours since the clamp gave way. I highly recommend Reno and Advanced Energy Solutions to anyone needing furnace or plumbing work. He's really pleasant to work with - a real nice guy!

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